Listing Criteria & Terms

Listing Criteria

The following outlines criteria required in order to list a product on the PEAK Professional Formulas™ ("PEAK") platform:

1. Only licensed health care professionals ("HCP") will be provided access to list (and purchase) product(s) on this platform.

2. The product is owned by the HCP and not PEAK.

3. HCP will bear all costs associated with developing and manufacturing product to the saleable finished version.

4. Product must meet all regulatory requirements for content and labelling as well contain a Health Canada approved Natural Product Number (NPN) with Product License.

5. The product label shall use the PEAK name, logo and format to maintain consistency with the brand.

6. HCP is responsible for delivering the product to the PEAK distribution centre.

7. HCP will assist in developing the product listing pages by providing a written summary of key features of the product, clinical usage tips, clinical "pearls" and clinical evidence of efficacy.

8. HCP may agree to a video recording to describe and promote the product, to be posted on the platform.

9. HCP agrees to all listing terms.

Listing Terms

1. HCP is fully responsible for the product as PEAK is solely a sales, marketing and fulfilment platform and will not be held responsible for any harm related to product usage.

2. HCP agrees to an exclusive sales term with PEAK and shall not sell product listed with PEAK on any other platform or sales channel during the term.

3. The length of term of the forthcoming agreement ("Agreement") is a minimum of two (2) years. Renewal and/or cancellation of Agreement to be mutually agreed upon.

4. HCP agrees to non-compete by developing similar product under a different label.

5. HCP agrees to not solicit the PEAK client list with other product or re-brand product to sell to PEAK clients.

6. HCP agrees that PEAK shall collect a fee from sale of product as compensation for providing the platform and its related services. Fee amount to be defined in Agreement.

7. PEAK agrees to the following:

For all other details, including legal agreement and listing fee amount, please contact us via email at or by phone (236) 888-8141.


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